Monday, August 20, 2012

Get Meera’s 'Cocktail' style TODAY!


Because when your hair is thick you can style it any way you like!

When you have thick and long hair like Meera’s, you can style it anyway you want! Her understated yet super stylish Side Braid is just perfect for every occasion. And with these simple do-it-yourself steps, you can be flaunting her style in no time

Diana Penty

Step 1:
If you want Meera’s look, remember that this will only look good if you’ve got thick, voluminous hair that creates a healthy side braid! So make sure you’ve got Sunsilk Thick and Long shampoo and conditioner, which gives you gorgeous hair that looks 2 times thicker.

Diana Penty

Step 2:
Brush all your hair to one side of your head, whichever side you think suits you more. Make three equal sections and begin to cross over the sections, as you would do for a regular braid.

Diana Penty

Step 3:
Secure with a colourful scrunchy or a cool accessory of your choice. For a messy, casual look leave a few strands free to create bangs around your face. For a more formal look make sure you tie a tighter braid or even try a new twist with the Side French Braid.

Diana Penty

Step 4:
Use a comb on the top of your hair to smoothen out the bumps, and neatly comb out the ends of your hair to get the perfect side braid.

Diana Penty

Sunsilk Thick and Long contains Yoghurt Keratin Nutra Complex. It nourishes your hair from root to tip.

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