Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sunny side up in sizzling sari shoot

sunny leone

FHM magazine has gone for the ultimate male fantasy hat-trick. After having the ubersensual Vidya Balan and the ever controversial Veena Malik don its cover topless, now they have roped in Leone to do the same for its May cover.


A porn star, ex- Bigg Boss house inmate and now a Bollywood actress, Leone has made a splash on the May cover of the magazine in nothing but a transparent palin deep green sari, without a blouse, complete with Indian accessories and a bindi .

sunny leone

Doing what Vidya Balan did last year, she has taken the ultimate symbol of Indian sensuality and given it her own twist. Leone, who was the most googled celebrity last year might be debuting in Bollywood this year with Jism 2 but the celebrity in her lies as an adult film star, something she promotes rather fervently through Twitter and her blog

sunny leone

Talking about flaunting her porn film star status on the reality show Bigg Boss and becoming a symbol of sorts of neo- feminism, she says, “ I think my generation of young adults is in a completely different headspace than our parents and grandparents.

sunny leone

Indians are ready to express themselves in whatever fashion they want. They are not shy, they are just held back by old ideals.” For a girl who has had a decade in the adult movie industry, appeared in Hustler and Penthouse , and starred in hit movies such as Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny , Sunny Loves Cher and The Sunny Experiment , she is surprisingly very regular and nonchalant about her appeal

sunny leone
In the interview, she insists that her life outside of work is rather simple and revolves around friends, family and dinners . Though she is happily married, she ends with the perfect male fantasy, “ I am single for my fans… I always will be. I think my generation of young adults is in a completely different headspace than our parents and grandparents”

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