Saturday, March 10, 2012

Coronation Street this week: Barlow takes the rap


Visiting time: Carla is shocked that Peter has has confessed to killing Frank
Visiting time: Carla is shocked that Peter has has confessed to killing Frank
Following the brutal murder of rapist Frank Foster, Cruella Carla Connor now has the dead bodies of four fellas to her credit. So what is it that brings out the protective instinct in all of her men?
After she ran over and almost killed Stella while drunk at the wheel, Frank was only too willing to take the blame. Now partner Peter Barlow The Boozer is ready to go one step further and confess to murder, but only because he thinks Carla dunnit.
Well, in the befuddled mind of an alcoholic like him, the evidence is stacking up against her. The murder weapon is a whisky bottle with her prints all over it, and the contract signing over the
factory to Frank has mysteriously gone missing.
Coronation Street:In the police interview room Carla Connor is daunted as the evidence mounts against her
Grilled: The police interrogate Carla
Coronation Street: Leanne Barlow is confused when she bumps into Howard on the street
Alibi: Leanne bumps into Howard
Then, after she’s released from custody, Peter catches Carla and Michelle burning the contract – little realising that it was Michelle who sneaked back into the factory on the night of Frank’s murder and took it. To him, it’s proof that Carla is the killer.
While Kevin may also be a suspect because he serviced Frank’s car but left it with faulty brakes, Peter still turns himself in and admits the crime, even if he’d been on “the mother of all benders”.
With more red herrings than you’d find in a fisherman’s net, there’s another twist when Leanne bumps into Peter’s mentor Howard from the alcoholics’ support group. And he reveals that Peter was with him on that fateful Monday night…
But will Leanne tell the police about her ex’s alibi?
Pie in the sky
Coronation Street: Tracy McDoanld tells Kylie Platt there'll be trouble if she goes near Amy again
Clash: Tracy rows with Kylie, while David looks on
Roly-poly headmaster Brian Packham might have a weight advantage, and Toxic Tracy Barlow could be nastier. But gobby Kylie Platt is a formidable opponent for both of them when it comes to food wars at Bessie Street school.
Kylie’s disgusted that the head wolfs down full English breakfasts at Roy’s Rolls, goes to doctor’s appointments with chips smothered in curry sauce, and washes the lot down with gallons of beer. And yet he’s constantly banging on about “healthy eating initiatives”.
But he bites off more than he can chew on Monday when he confiscates the “unhealthy” lunchbox of Kylie’s son Max and tries to charge her for a nutritional school dinner.
Jamie Oliver would be rattling his saucepans in horror, but Kylie then starts to supply the kids with banned food, bringing her into conflict with Tracy and an hilarious tussle which sees Packham covered in chips and peas.
It’s do or diet, though, when he threatens to exclude Max from school. Not if Kylie removes him first…
Peas to all men
Kylie Platt
Fun role: Paula Lane
There’s plenty of comedy as Kylie Platt clashes with Bessie Street headmaster Brian Packham over his healthy eating initiative. Actress Paula Lane, who plays her, tells us more…
So Kylie lobs peas and chips at the head.
It’s been building for a while. She doesn’t think it is fair that Brian’s such a hypocrite. He will stand in the Rovers and have a packet of cheese and onion with a pint, while at the same time forcing Max to eat carrots and lettuce.
So she goes to the school gates and starts selling pasties and fish and chips. Of course, she gets caught by Brian and there’s a bit of a fight and he ends up a lot worse off.
Was it fun to film?
It was great. We had such a laugh. I wasn’t supposed to get covered in mushy peas and I stank all day.
Did you eat them afterwards?
No. The kids had a battered sausage and ate a few chips, I think.
Kylie’s getting nicer, isn’t she?
Yeah, people reckon she’s softened, but it’s definitely not going to last. What I’m filming at the moment is not like that at all. But it’s great to lead people one way and then hit them with a change... bringing back her own self.
It must be good to be able to play both sides of her though?
Yeah, it’s important, otherwise the audience won’t find anything to like in her at all. The way I see it, she’s making a valid point. This headmaster is dictating that the kids eat five fruit and veg a day when he definitely doesn’t. It isn’t right.
Does anything come from the fight?
Well, Brian has met his match and he doesn’t want any more trouble. Actually, I don’t know what comes of it. Gail probably gets involved at some point. A Weatherfield compromise will be found.
Tell us more about the nasty stuff you’re filming right now?
Oh no, I couldn’t do that! But it is eventful.
And there is lots of comedy in it as well. However, I’m keeping quiet. You’ll have to wait 

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