Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yuvraj Singh Suffering from Cancer


India’s world cup hero Yuvraj singh in not well these day. He is suffring from cancer and under going cheotherapy in US. Yuvraj Singh’s physiotherapist told 5th February, sunday. Yuvraj’s family members and Indian Cricket Board also confirmed this news.
Some times earlier Yuvi was suffering from tumour between his left lung and heart. Yuvi’s physiotherapist Jatin Choudhary said, “He is suffering from cancer and this is the first stage. It’s curable and he will be fit to play in May. He will be back on the field very soon.”
BCCI said that it may take long time for Yuvi to come back. The chemotherapy has been scheduled for next nine month. But the family of Yuvraj said that Yuvi has done may comeback in Indian team before also. He’ll do comeback once again after overcoming the disease and be back in the ground very soon.
Since Republic day Yuvraj is in US and having chemotherapy at Cancer Research Institute, Boston. Doctors are saying that the tumour is near the heart but it is 100% curable.
Virendra sehwal also said that team India is also prying for Yuvi. We want him back to grounds. After loosing all test matches in Australia now team India highly needs Yuvi to come back. Now it will be interesting to see what happens to team India without Yuvi, in Tri-series with Sri-lanka and Australia.
Yuvraj Singh Suffring from Cancer
Doctors are saying that Yuvi is under treatment and he’ll be fine soon. They said that this in not due to smoking or alcohol. They said that this is a very rare case.
Lets pray for Yuvi to get well soon. We want to see Yuvi back to stadium. We can never forget the tremendous batting of Yuvraj singh. Hope he gets fine before next series of India.If you want to say anything you may comment below.

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