Monday, February 13, 2012

Who knew? Get fit on your way to work!


In the fast-paced hectic schedule of lives we lead, finding time to work out can be a huge challenge.
But is that reason enough to lose out on the benefits of good health? We here at Yahoo! refuse to compromise on healthy living, and want you, our reader, to share in the joys of a healthy body. In keeping with this noble goal, here are three fun videos that promise to get you in shape, and demand no extra time from your day!

Excited? Well, here goes.
Want to get those abs tight again? Here's a great tip to work them while you drive to work.

Let's not forget about that tushy. Want great looking gluts, and all you got is five minutes to spare? Here's a great way to work it!

Want great-looking legs? Here's how you can work your calf muscles for shapely legs, as you travel to work on the bus or train. Giving up your seat never had such great results!

Hate standing in long queues? Dread long security lines at the airport? Here's a great way to make productive use of waiting lines, and build your body's equilibrium while you're at it! In fact, some studies even suggest that this yoga pose is instrumental in warding off dementia.So there you go — delivered as promised: Easy and fun ways to get in shape, and in no time at all!

Watch this space for more great ways to get fit. In the meanwhile, have you checked out our newHealth & Fitness section?

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