Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shahrukh Beats Farah Khan’s Hubby in Sanjay Dutt’s Party


Agneepath is getting really huge success. Sanjay Dutt gave party to celebrate this success. Everything was good there suddenly somethig happed that stunned everyone present there in party. SRK slapped Shrish kunder, husband of Farah Khan. Farah also confirmed this incident by saying, “My husband was beaten by Shah Rukh Khan and his three bodyguards at Sanju’s party.”
As the people present their said that Shrish was fully drunk in the party and he was irritating Shahrukh by following him everywhere in the party. He came with Farah Khan their. Finally when Shahrukh was fully irritated he pushed Kunder to sofa and punched in the face.
According to people present there when Sanju saw this all happening he came and he too slapped him because he was sending his wife coarse messages and misbehaved with a girl present in the party.
Since some time ago Shirish has been saying many things about Shahrukh. He also commented about Shahrukh’s movie RA-one on microblogging site twitter. All these circumstances could be the reason of all this happening.
Although Farah and Shahrukh were good friends but for some times their friendship was not good and Shirish also spoiled the friendship a bid. Now after this incident it could be said the friendship will be over completely.
Dabbo Rattani, fashion photographer, also supported Shahrukh khan. He tweeted that he fully supports SRK, as he was there and saw the whole incident.

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