Saturday, February 11, 2012

Now, pay Rs. 4900 for Aakash Tablet 2 . . . ?


Aakash Tablet 2, Price
New Delhi: Aakash Tablet, the cheapest tablet available across Indian market launched by Kapil Sibal. As per the latest updates, now the popular Aakash tab latest would soon touch market with an updated and all new interface but at higher price.

If reports are to be believed then Aakash 2 will be packed with four time faster processor and quite improved battery life but this time user need to pay an amount of around Rs 4900.

Why so?

Report says, Tablet manufacturing company has asked Government to increase the price as it is quite unfeasible for them to load the supply of a million Aakash 2 tablets at the same price.

We will soon get back with the updates.

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