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Arjuna - Other Names of Arjuna

• Partha (son of Pritha, another name for Kunti)
• Jishnu (the Irrepressible)
• Kiriti (Shining Diadem, which was gifted by Indra)
• Shwethavahana (one of Shining Steeds)
• Bheebhatsu (the Fair Fighter)
• Vijaya (the Victorious)
• Phalguna (one born under the asterism "Uttara Phalguna")
• Savyasachi (one capable of working a bow with either hand)
• Dhanunjaya (winner of Great Wealth)
• Gandeevi (the owner of Gandiva, his bow)
• Krishna (the dark-skinned one, named by Pandu out of his admiration of Krishna) 

The names and reasons in a nutshell:

Arjun (complexion was like the Arjun tree)
Gandeevi (the owner of Gandeeva, his bow)
Kapidhwaja (With the Monkey banner) as Hanuman sat on his banner.
Gudakesha (conqueror of sleep, given in childhood itself, after he started practising archery skills in the dead of night)

Arjun was the great archer. He was the third sun of the king Pandu. He had great role in “Mahabharat”. There are 10 names of Arjun with reason of that name.

“Ten names are – Arjun, Phaalgun, Jishnu, Keeriti, Shwetvaahan, Vibhatsu, Vijaya, Paarth, Savyashachee and Dhananjaya.”

1. Arjun – His complexion is unique like Arjun tree, and his name is stainless, that is why he is named as Arjun.
2. Phaalgun – He was born on the slopes of Himvaan in a place called Satsring on aday when the star Uttaraa Phaalgunee was in ascent that is why his name is Phaalgun.
3. Jishnu – He is called Jishnu because he is terrible when he is angry.
4. Keeriti – His father Indra gave him a beautiful crown when he was with him, that is why he is called Keeriti.
5. Shwetvaahan – His horses which were given to him by Agni Dev are white, that is why he is called Shwetvaahan too.
6. Vibhatsu – He has never fought by unfair means in any battle that is why he is called Vibhatsu.
7. Vijaya – He always fight till end and he always win, that is why he is called Vijaya.
8. Paarth – His mother’s original name is Prithaa, so he is also called Paarth.
9. Savyashachee – He never frighten his enemies by meanness, he can shoot with his both hands that is why he is called Savyashachee.
10. Dhananjaya – He was called Dhanajaya when he conquered all the kings at the time of Raajsooya Yagya and collected wealth from all of them. 

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