Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Marc Jacobs Fall 2012: Pimp Hats, Pilgrim Shoes, And Sparkling Granny Chic


Marc Jacobs delivered his usual dose of quirky fabulousness tonight with his fall 2012 collection--we're talking majorly layered ensembles, amazingly out-there accessories, and a front row that boasted Dakota Fanning and Jared Leto. Come check out some snaps!
A Marc show is always an Experience with a capital E, and this one didn't disappoint. The runway featured a stunning set by his pal, the artist Rachel Feinstein, that looked like intricate paper cutouts. The soundtrack came courtesy of Oliver!, and the vibe of the clothes themselves was very, as I put it via Twitter, "Mary Poppins on psychedelics."
The first thing you couldn't help but notice were the hats--are they pimp, or what!? No, I mean legitimately pimp. They were the oversize Mad Hatter style thing that we usually associate with 70s Lotharios and the pickup artist otherwise known as Mystery, rendered in bold, trippy colors and fox, mink, and beaver fur. The rest of the accessories were equally eye-catching, from the chunky pilgrim shoes (I especially dug the metallic Pepto pink ones!) to the carpetbagger-style satchels to the oversize safety pins holding the cozy shawls closed.
There were super-girly pieces in the mix, including sequined shift dresses, full brocade skirts, and faux fur jackets, all styled in a piled-on way that reminded me of an old woman living in a chilly attic where she has to just keep throwing on more clothes for warmth. It was all very Victoriana--with his signature deshabille twist:
Some of the combinations were definitely a little out there, but we predict this is going to make layering huge news again next fall--not to mention raiding Grandma's closet for accessories! If you want to see all 54 looks, check out this video of the final walk from The Sartorialist:
What do you think, gals? Pretty wild stuff, huh? Are you suddenly feeling like rocking a pimp hat? Which look is your favorite? Discuss!

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