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Legends Of Diwali


According Ramayan, the day when Lord Rama got the victory over the demon Ravana, is celebrated as “Vijayadashami” or “Dusssehra. After that the twentieth day, celebrated as “Diwali-the time when they returned to their mother land-Avadha”.

The whole story is like this that According to Puranas, Lord Rama was got the exile by his father for 14 years. He went on with his wife-Sita and brother-Laxmana. They were spending the time of exile in the forest. During the exile when Lord Rama and Laxmana was not present in the hut, the demon Ravan abducted Lord Rama’s consort by counterfeit and took her in his golden palace-the Kingdom of Lanka.

Sri Rama and brother Laxmana searched Sita but they failed. Gradually they got the clues about Sita. They came to know that cruel king Ravna snatched Sita. To get back her wife-Sita, he fought against the King Ravana with the help of his younger brother Laxmana, the Hanuman-his devoted follower and a big army of monkeys. On the tenth day of the battle he killed Ravna and made his wife free from the trap of demon Ravna. This way the tenth day means “Duseehra” is celebrated as the victory of good over evil.

Then after getting her wife Sita back they returned to their mother land-Ayodhya. As they were coming back after much long time-14 years, the whole kingdom’s people were awaiting for them so eagerly. But that day there was “Amas-the darkest night when moon fully disappeared”. Then to welcome their beloved Price heartily, they lit lighted the numerous “Diyas-lamp” around the kingdom, and made the moment brighten and memorable. The whole kingdom-Avadha was decorated with thousands of lamps. Therefore this day is celebrated as “Diwali Festival”.

Diwali also celebrates the gracious and pleasing nature of the main three goddesses, Maa Lakshmi, Maa Kali and Maa Saraswati.

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