Friday, February 17, 2012

Diwali Festival


Diwali festival is the most important of Hindu calendar. The festival of Diwali is celebrated all over the nation but specially in India. Every people celebrate the Diwali festival with full excitement and pomp.

Diwali festival is five day festival and connected with lamps therefore the festival of Diwali is regarded as “festival of light”. The word “Diwali” indicates as “rows of lighted lamps”. Diwali festival mostly falls in the month of October and November.

The preparations for Diwali are started before the 15 days. Everybody cleaned their house and decorate with colorful lights to welcome the Goddess Laxmi. People purchase new things as according to Hindu calendar, the day after Diwali is called as “New Year”. Lots of congestion or over crowding is everywhere before the 1 month of Diwali.

People do Laxmi puja in the evening time on Diwali. They lit lamps at houses and also lit the Diyas in different places in the home. They make beautiful Rangoli in the courtyard or in the front of the gate. Not only children but also younger and older, all fire the crackers at night on Diwali

There is great legend behind the celebration of Diwali. Lord Rama returned to his native land-Ayodhya with his wife Sita and brother Laxman after the 14 years of exile. For this reason, to express the happiness of returning their beloved prince Lord Ram.

People enjoy the days with full of joy. People prefer go for outing as in these days a mini vacation is there for everyone. In school, long vacation approximately 21 days holidays are declared.

People in all class and all age celebrate the festival of Diwali with joy.

Happy Diwali Festival Picture

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Diwali Festival Photo

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