Saturday, February 11, 2012

Astrological advice for V-Day gifts, compatibility etc!


Arian women like Lisa Ray love sparkle and shine

Monisha Singh Dudaney gives you Valentine suggestions based on your star sign -- and that of your partner!
Here are some tips based on your star signs to ensure your romances of 2012 are smooth sailing!
Aries (March 21 to April 20)
You may need to summon up your energy this Valentine's day. And game-playing is clearly not your way. Direct in your thought and speech, you are ready to shed any shy gene or last-minute nerves. The single will be sizzling with the ability to seem out of this world. If you already have a mate, then you will use this time to reignite the flame that brought you together in the first place.
If your date on Valentine's Day is an Arian woman: Then get ready to feel on top of the world! Arian women have the ability to make even the ordinary seem extraordinary and it will seem like they have the world on a string. Dressed to perfection with not a hint of more or less, the Arian woman will be someone you will be pleased to have on your arm. Arian women don't indulge in any game play -- so staying direct with them will work wonders, depending on how you would like to take this ahead.
If your date on Valentine's Day is an Arian man: Get ready for a mate who is direct! Passionate, excited and amorous, an Arian man beats most men hands down in their display of romance. His gestures -- from flowers to perfume -- to his chivalry, will woo and win your heart. Arian men don't like to be bound by schedule so make sure a movie, massage and a meal cooked by you is on the cards!
Valentine gifts for an Arian woman: Arian women love sparkle and shine! And if presented differently, will work wonders. A diamond ring,or a specially engraved charm bracelet will keep her in rapture. Nature presents an exquisite background for Arians and waking her up to watch the sunrise would be a perfect spontaneous start to her day.
Valentine gifts for an Arian man: Adventurous, stylish gifts are good for the Arian man. Bike gear, gadgets, sunglasses, hats and monogrammed leather will make this man smile! Make sure you express your affection with words using a card or handwritten note, so he can treasure it forever!
Best match for Arians: Librans and Sagittarians
Lucky colour: Purple
Lucky stone: Garnet

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