Tuesday, February 14, 2012

3 Totally Fun But Wearable Looks From Betsey Johnson's Fall Runway Show (+ A Video of Her Cartwheel!)


If there was a master list of "The Most Fun Things To Do Every Fashion Week," going to the Betsey Johnson show would definitely rank in the top-5 every time—right alongside people-watching, seeing all the long-lost friends from Europe who fly in only twice a year, and eating the free Fiber One bars they give out at Lincoln Center (just kidding, this is only medium-fun).

Like many of you, I've had this love affair with the Betsey Johnson brand since I was in high school—there's just something about Betsey's totally free-association use of colors, prints, over-the-top multi-colored animal prints, liberal use of lace, and hot pink-ness that has always appealed to me. But as I've gotten older, actually wearing Betsey—to work, to events, out with friends—has become less and less age-appropriate.

So at tonight's show, I was really happy to see there were some pieces and looks that were fun, but just subdued enough that they are sort of wearable by someone over, say, the age of 25...
Like this sequin/print tank dress—it's such an adorable summer evening dress, or perfect for a warm-weather cocktail party! You know I really, desperately want to buy that hot-pink faux fur coat, but I can't imagine how I'd wear it out! Maybe I should buy it and just wear it around my apartment?
Then there's this hot pink beaded cocktail number—which Betsey totally Betsey-fies with mod retro-looking boots. But pair it with a pair of sexy sandals, or slip it under a light cashmere cardigan, and you've got a charming outfit for a night on the town!
I love this pseudo-suit in this mustard yellow—a color that is so everywhere this season! I wasn't close enough to inspect it, but I suspect that it's a pleather moto jacket and miniskirt combo—cool and kind of tough, but sleek enough that you could colorblock the skirt with a solid top (or, creatively, with a blouse) and wear the jacket separately—maybe with white jeans?
Watch Betsey perform her signature cartwheel:

Do you love Betsey Johnson too? How old were you when you wore your first Betsey Johnson dress? Do you still wear her stuff now?

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